Value in understanding: defining organizational value, measuring value, aligning strategies with value, improving processes measured by what the organization defines as value, and ultimately finding and unleashing untapped opportunities for value.   

Our primary corporate area of expertise is analytics for business and mission success. In the public sector, we've provided business intelligence and performance management support; we’ve built resource-loaded value simulations for organization decision support, and provided strategy and leadership support to senior executives. Human focused analysis. 



Value in opportunity: Themis Insight finds new uses, new markets, or new opportunities for existing inventions. We partner with technology and market leaders to identify new cross-industry or cross Public/ Private Sector applications for successful systems, to match technologies with customer’s unmet and upcoming needs. 

Our broad interdisciplinary understanding allows us to provide the right solution, even if it is from outside the industry or traditionally defined problem space. We bring Public and Private, Civilian and Military expertise to every case. Find opportunities in every challenge. 



Value in informed action: We understand that focus must be on the right data, not just Big Data. Appropriately applied, we believe in the power of Big Data techniques — but most of an organization’s data is sparse data — infrequently measured, uneven, and a mix of information lacking the proper structure and governance needed to facilitate strong decision making.  

Smart analysis of sparse data can build the forward looking models needed to anticipate where your organization is headed and align that direction with your strategy and vision. Data-informed (vice data-driven) decision making avoids the potential “black box” pitfalls of relying blindly on data rife with measurement or other errors, or models with too strong assumptions. Expert decision support to align mission success with leadership vision.